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Shopmall Thailand Exhibition 2022

Shopmall 2022 uniform exhibition will continue to promote Hong Kong apparel brands and develop the international market, in order to raise the status of Hong Kong in the fashion industry, and emhance Hong Kong’s uniform international reputation.

After the pandemic, the global economy is slowly recovering and global trade will gradually returning to normal. In order to grasp the opportunity of this exhibition, Shopmall cooperate with multiple local Hong Kong brands including Loklibuy, Flint Ideas, Hong Kong Nunchaku Association, STM Coporate Limited and Wing Cheong Industrial Company. The purpose of the exhibition was to provide local Hong Kong brands with the opportunity to expand their market in Thailand and to make their brands better known in Thailand, and the exhibitors brought quality designs and materials to the exhibition. The exhibition attracted a large number of Thai people to visit the exhibition and the exhibitors had gained enough exposure in this event. The public is satisfied with the Hong Kong clothing. Through this exhibition We believe that this exhibition will lead more Hong Kong brands and apparel to expand to new markets in Thailand.

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