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Shopmall Dongguan Exhibition 2022

The Shopmall Dongguang Exhibition 2022, organized by Shopmall, had closed successfully today. About 200 local residents from Dongguan visited the exhibition.

Shopmall Dongguang Exhibition collaborated with a group of local exhibitors, including Loklibuy, Flint Ideas, Hong Kong Nunchaku Association, STM Coporate Limited and Wing Cheong Industrial Company to showcase the latest uniform products to the exhibitors. In addition to the enthusiastic response from buyers, many people placed orders for uniforms, reflecting the Mainland market’s trust in Hong Kong products and their positive attitude towards purchasing, so Hong Kong businesses should explore more business opportunities towards Mainland.

Shopmall believes that the Hong Kong business community should take advantage of this opportunity to take the initiative and organize a number of uniform exhibitions to provide a good opportunity for the industry to exchange with the rest of the world and expand their business network. This will help the Hong Kong business community to get back on track.

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